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Tricks and Tips in Keno

Looking for tips in keno - tips that really work, at least, is difficult to say the least. Because of its heavy reliance on chance, most tips in keno are more of myths, rather than reality, most drummed up by hardcore players who think they have the game down on pat. However, top better understand the game and be able to sift through all the information about and eventually find some tips in keno - or maybe develop some by yourself, it's best to understand the entirety of the game first.

Probably very few know that while Keno is a game very popular and well played in the casinos - online and real-life - in America, it was in fact the ancient Chinese who invented this lotto-ish kind of game.

A man named Cheung Leung is credited for the creation of Keno. Pressed for funds to subsidize the soldiers of his town in old Chinese medieval times, Leung thought up Keno as a means to raise money for that purpose. He was successful, and from there the game spread. One of Keno old names was the 'White Pigeon Game', named after the white pigeons that delivered the winning set of numbers to participating villages. It is interesting to note that the original Keno was not based on numbers, but on "The Thousand Character Classic", and old Chinese poem. This tradition of indirect reference to numbers continued when the game was adopted in America as a result of the influence of Chinese immigrants who brought the game to the country. Called "Horse Race Keno", the game used horses as substitutes / codes for numbers so that they could get around pre-existing laws at that time. Keno was also called "Chinese Lottery", because of its origins and similarity to lottery.

Some practical and simple tips in keno Looking for some tips in keno? Let's see first how it's played. It's simple, really. It's played using cards or boards - the latter a staple in online keno. Players then choose - from a numbered and consecutive set of one to eighty - 10 - 15 different numbers called "spots". Eighty lightweight balls are then jumbled in an chamber using compressed air from which twenty balls are then chosen, making the winning combination. The more spots you hit from the combination, the more you win.

One of the tips in keno is to remember that while the supposed wagers are small and the promised returns are really big, the chances of winning are very small. Which is why it is best to engage yourself in another form of gambling to finance your keno game. Playing straight keno is bound to be tiring and boring, so best occupy oneself with games like poker or blackjack, using the winnings to fund your keno tickets and wait for the draws.

Tips in keno also include looking out for winning streaks. You might be feeling particularly lucky one day, so why not try betting in keno? After all, betting is not too expensive, and it is not unheard of for people with lucky streaks to win at keno. Who knows, it might work for you too and give you that big payout you've always dreamed of!