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Keno Basics: 4 Types of Keno Tickets

Keno has often been likened to bingo and lottery. Like those two, keno is a numbers game where players guess which numbers will be drawn. However there are variations to how keno is played and there are different types of keno tickets around. This page discusses in brief the types of keno tickets.

Keno Straight Tickets

As the name implies, this is the most straightforward keno ticket of all. You pick the numbers and it's for just one game. Keno lets you choose how many numbers to bet on. The more numbers you pick, the more you have to pay and the harder it is to hit all of them. You also choose how much to bet. The more you bet on that ticket, the more you stand to win. There are no fixed figures here as they vary from casino to casino.

The best odds are around the 4-8 number bets, so stick to those in the beginning.

Keno Split Tickets

With a keno split ticket, you can play two keno games in one. A single ticket is divided between the numbers you will use for each game. The drawback here is you cannot use the same number on both bets. There is no big advantage to playing keno in this way. It's just a convenience. An online keno ticket can be split as often as you want so long as the numbers don't overlap. But then the prize money also gets smaller.

Keno Way Tickets

Way tickets let you play more than one keno ticket at the same time. It is also cheaper than keno straight tickets. A player can bet on their chosen numbers at once without needing to buy multiple tickets. But it can be confusing for a beginner to use. Way tickets can have several bets on them and you can win one, some or all of them in one game. A keno way ticket has to have at least three equal series of numbers.

Keno Combination Tickets

Keno combo tickets are the most versatile of all keno tickets, but perhaps they are also the most confusing to use if you are new to keno. With combination tickets, you can combine different ticket bets in any way you want, straight bet or way bet style. You can bet on different groups of numbers which don't have to be of equal length. You can then bet separately on each series, or combine them with some or all of the others. So if you bet on a 2, 4 and 8 series of numbers, you can combine the 2 and 4, the 4 and 8, the 2 and 8 or all of the above. Keno combo tickets are popular among online players.