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Got a good guessing skill? Play Keno

Keno is a number game like lottery and bingo but with a different twist. Keno is played with a simply rule of guessing which numbers will be drawn during a Keno round.

Online Keno is patterned in casino Keno using Keno card with 80 numbers in 8 rows of 10 numbers. In order to win, using Keno card players must mark off numbers which are between 1 and 20 and submit the card before the draw. All numbers in online Keno are drawn at random using a software and winning Keno cards are checked and paid. Payments are based on pay table set by the casino sites. Some casino sites limit the numbers to be marked to 20 however there are sites the set more than 20 numbers.

Just like bingo, playing with more cards gives an advantage. Having more Keno cards will allow you to match more numbers and increase your payouts. For those with limited budget, there are promo codes in some casino site that can be used to play their Keno games. For your promo code, you can go to

Online Keno is an exciting game comparable to bingo. It challenges your wit and pays for your “guessing “skill. How much you win is determine on how good you are on guessing the numbers to be drawn. The more matching numbers from your Keno cards, the more your winnings are. It is simple and so easy to play.

If you need a break from your usual casino games, play Keno and get your guessing prowess works for your advantage.