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Keno: The Essentials of the Game

Keno has some similarities with lotto and the game originated in China centuries ago. Keno was brought in America during the 1800's through the many Chinese immigrants who are working on the railroads and in the mines.

Keno became a very popular game because of the easiness of the game, plus it is also one of the very exciting pastimes of many people. The exciting thing about keno is that you can win large payouts even if you have just wager a small amount.

The game played in the lounges of casinos that are specifically set apart for the game alone. But even if you are not inside the keno lounge, you can still play the game through the aid of keno runners. The keno runners will collect your ticket and bet if you want to play the game outside the lounge and they will even deliver your winnings to you personally.

Throughout the casino halls, there are lots of television monitors installed that display the winning numbers of the game. Keno also has a video game variation that looks like a slot machine because they are coin-operated. The same gaming principles apply to them and the only difference is that the results are given much faster.

In order to play keno, you must select specific numbers between one to 80. Your must select a minimum of four and a maximum of ten numbers and each selected number is called in keno as Spot. So if you have chosen ten numbers, it means you are playing a ten-spot game.

Finding a keno ticket inside the casino is not hard because it is available at any tables and also in the lounge area. A keno crayon is used in marking the selected number and the casinos provide the crayons also.

Put the required mark on your selected numbers and then bring the ticket to the keno writer's desk. A duplicate copy of the ticket will be returned to you. One game round is known as keno race and as the race goes on, 20 numbers will be drawn randomly. You win if enough of your chosen numbers are drawn. All the results are shown on the keno boards all over the casino.

The amount of your bet is entirely dependent on how many numbers you have selected on the keno ticket. And you can play as many tickets as you want as long as you can afford to pay them.

Keno is considered as one of the worst bets that can be made in the casino because the house edge is about 30% and your chance of getting a specific number amidst the 80 numbers is 0.25%.

Keno is a simple game but be cautious enough in making your bets that the house may not take its full advantage on you.